but I missed maa ke hath ka ghana, says Parvati Sehgal

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Back in April, when the Maharashtra government imposed shooting restrictions in the state because of the rising COVID-19 cases, a lot of TV shows had to move out of the region to continue shooting. Actress Parvati Sehgal, who is seen in "Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2", confessed that it was a refreshing change but after a while she felt homesick.
"The pandemic has kept us indoors and we are not used to live behind closed doors for such a long period. Therefore, going outdoors and facing a new environment was a welcome change and it was a great relief as well. It was a refreshing change, working long hours and staying at the same place was great fun. When we shoot outdoor, we enjoy the liberty to shoot in beautiful locations, in the lap of nature that transports us to a different world," she said.
"Apart from the love and care of my parents, I missed ghar ka khana so lovingly made by my doting mother. I really love maa ke hath is khana, thus living outside Mumbai was refreshing for a while but, say, after two weeks I wanted to come back to Mumbai and sleep in my own bed," she added.
Since this is the second season of the show, most of the cast, most of the cast is the same. When asked if they got more time to bond while shooting outdoors, Parvati said, "We are like family. Some actors are from season one with whom we have worked for four years at a stretch. A few new actors have joined the bandwagon. Staying together at the same resort gave us an opportunity to get to know each other better. And it was like a working holiday with friends and colleagues."
"No responsibility, no driving to the shooting locations, no traffic. Just walk across to the location and start shooting. The added advantage was almost homelike breakfasts lunches and dinners," she added.
Praising Rajan Shahi and his banner Director's Kut Productions for taking care of them so well, she said, "Working with DKP is fun and we work with discipline and order."
"The producers are very cautious to ensure a safe working environment for the cast and crew. All mandatory COVID protocols were followed religiously on the sets and the shooting locations. Wherever possible, all the norms of social distancing and wearing the masks were followed along with a proper sanitised environment," Parvati concluded. 

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