Peps Industries launches India's first jersey mattress pep cameo

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Peps Industries Pvt. Ltd., makers of India’s top selling spring mattress, has added a unique new mattress to their line of carefully crafted sleep solutions under the name Peps Cameo. The new release is India’s first-ever soft top mattress made of jersey fabric. The product will be available exclusively at the Peps’ Great Sleep Stores.
The key highlight of this innovative new addition to Peps’ portfolio is the use of jersey fabric in a mattress – a concept that has never before been seen in the mattress industry. In doing so, the brand unearths a multitude of benefits such as the flexibility offered by the stretchy fabric and the sweat absorption that has made the material popular among sportspersons.
Addressing the need for a hybrid model of mattress sales, Peps has expanded both their online and offline presence in the financial year 2020-2021, including a dramatic increase in the number of Peps’ Great Sleep Stores (GSS) across the country as a means to facilitate better access to high-quality sleep solutions. Currently, there are 109 stores across the country, and the brand aims to add 41 more stores by the end of 2021. The stores offer an immersive experience with the customer at the centre and trained experts to help facilitate the process of choosing a mattress that is uniquely suited to an individuals sleep needs.
According to K. Madhavan, Managing Director, Peps Industries, “What differentiates Peps Cameo from other mattresses is its use of high-tech solutions in a brand new composition. Peps is an innovative brand with an innovative team and innovative leadership. We started with the dream of helping India sleep better, and innovation has constantly been key to helping us achieve this. Extensive research and the best quality raw materials have always been at the core of Peps, and Peps Cameo is a clear indicator of this.”
Commenting on the consumer sentiment in the industry, G. Shankar Ram, Joint Managing Director says, “Consumers are increasingly beginning to see mattresses as an investment, rather than just a purchase. As a result, we have seen an immense rise in demand for our high-end products over the past few months, and the new launch is a means to cater to this rising need for durable products with sophisticated sleep technology.”
Peps Cameo offers a unique sleep solution, unlike any other product that is present in the market. Talking about the unique features of the new mattress, Mr. Suresh Babu, Vice President of Sales and Marketing says, “Through this new launch, we hope to reach out to millennials who want comfortable and durable products that match their busy lifestyles. We have combined the jersey fabric with pocketed springs and high-end memory foam to meet the changing demands of our consumers.”

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