Priyanka Chopra has unveiled a new tattoo In Black Swimsuit

Bollywood Hangover 2021-07-20T07:51:20+01:00 Bollywood


Priyanka Chopra celebrated her 39th birthday in style when the actress showed off a brand new arm tattoo. Priyanka rang in her new age in style as she was in London lounging outside wearing a sexy black V-neck one-piece swimsuit with cutouts on the straps and around her tiny waist. While she lounged, she had her arms above her head so that you could see her new tattoo on the inside of her bicep.
Her new tattoo is an outline of a map and it is very subtle, as you can only see it when her arm is raised. Aside from this tat, Priyanka has another tattoo on the wrist of her right hand that says ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ in her dad, Ashok’s handwriting.

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